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Camping Rorik is part of Landgoed Rorik. Organic farming, a festival area, a butterfly garden, and a vineyard complete the area. Driven by our vision of the future of agriculture, energy supply, recreation, and the way of building, we started developing 32 hectares of the Beverwijk polder in 2020. Here at our mini-campsite, you can set up your own tent or rent an eco-lodge.


Do you have any questions? Maartje and Atse have all the answers about sleeping at Rorik.

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Book your stay

All lodges at campsite Rorik are built from materials with a past life, everything has been gathered, sought, found, or donated. This way we have given all these materials a second life, and every house at campsite Rorik is unique. An old truck trailer found its place next to a discarded beach house, both now go through life as stylish lodges, amidst winding paths in the cozy natural chaos of camping Rorik. Camping in North Holland has never been more fun!


Check the calendar on Airbnb, is the house available? Send us a text, mail or call. This will save a lot of money :)

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